Gregory McClendon, Founder and Pastor of Christ Chapel Unadilla (CCU) understands purpose and destiny. God sent Pastor McClendon to a very spiritually depressed, traditionally bound region to start a ministry. After thirteen years of fighting traditional mindsets by teaching the Word of God, Pastor McClendon has seen the fruit of his labor. CCU is now a growing ministry and is planning to build a “Centre for Life” that will provide various types of training to low income families. CCU has become a haven for children of all ages. Pastor McClendon equates his success to watching the Hand of God, then doing what God is doing verses what He thinks should be done. Pastor McClendon

Cricket McClendon
Geraldine McClendon, Minister of Music/Praise Leader

The Praise Ministry sings Holy Spirit inspired songs that focus on God and help to usher in an atmosphere of worship, preparing the spirit of individuals to commune with God and to receive the Word of God. Praise is a powerful weapon believers have and God loves the praises of His people.
Tanya Ford
Tanya Ford, Minister of Ministries

In an effort to ease the burdens on the Pastor, Tanya Ford is the liaison person between the Pastor and each ministry head to ensure they have everything they need. This includes equipment, supplies and personnel. Tanya meets with the Pastor on a weekly basis to report any needs each ministry may have. Additionally, once every other month after meeting with the pastor, Tanya conducts training to update the youth teachers regarding various topics related to youth ministry and provides helpful tips to improve effectiveness.
Shaine McClendon
Shaine McClendon, Minister of Music/Media

Shaine McClendon is privileged to serve in the Media Ministry at CCU and, with God's favor, has been also privileged to serve through Music. His desire is to pursue absolute excellence in these ministries in order to give God glory, to edify His people, and to promote decency and order. The Media and Music Ministries are open to able, willing, and devoted individuals who have a passion to use their creativity for the cause of Christ.
Jenet Taylor
Jene't Taylor, Secretary

The secretary is responsible for the administrative aspect of the ministry. She provides notifications to members regarding special events, contacts vendors that provide service to the ministry and helps with the overall functionality of the ministry.
Elton Sparks
Elton Sparks, Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is designed to help men experience a change, and become the man that God has predestined him to be. We want to help men discover their God-given gifts and talents as well as gain essential tools to enhance their spiritual journeys.