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DateSermon/Teaching TitleMediaSpeaker
19 November 2017Power Thought (I Am Guided By Love)AudioPastor McClendon
12 November 2017Power Thought (I Am Gifted On Purpose)AudioPastor McClendon
05 November 2017Power Thought (I Have The Faith That I Need)AudioPastor McClendon

22 October 2017What Do You See?AudioPastor Johnny Dean
22 October 2017It's Time to SacrificeAudioPastor Andre Thomas
15 October 2017The Power of PassionAudioMinister Terry Theus
08 October 2017It's What's Inside That MattersAudioMinister Pamela West
01 October 2017It's Harvest Time!AudioDr. Ruby Holmes

24 September 2017Power Thought (I Am Content & Emotionally Stable), Part IIAudioPastor McClendon
17 September 2017Power Thought (God Loves Us Unconditionally), Part II/
I Am Content & Emotionally Stable
AudioPastor McClendon
10 September 2017Power Thought (God Loves Us Unconditionally)AudioPastor McClendon

27 August 2017God Wants Us to ForgiveAudioMinister Lester
20 August 2017Power Thought (I live in the present...), Part IIAudioPastor McClendon
13 August 2017Power Thought (I live in the present...)AudioPastor McClendon

16 July 2017Power Thought (I can do...)AudioPastor McClendon

25 June 2017Power Thought (I will not live in fear)AudioPastor McClendon
18 June 2017Four Things a Father Needs to KnowAudioPastor McClendon
11 June 2017The Storm is Almost OverAudioMinister Lester
04 June 2017Power Thought (God Is Your Source)AudioPastor McClendon

28 May 2017Don't Stop Doing God's WorkAudioMinister Singleton
21 May 2017Power Thought (Offended) - Cont'dAudioPastor McClendon
14 May 2017Power Thought (Offended)AudioPastor McClendon

16 April 2017Thank God for JesusAudioPastor McClendon
09 April 2017Look At Me NowAudio | VideoEvangelist Whitney Dean
02 April 2017The Grace of GodAudio | VideoPastor McClendon

26 March 2017You Are Already Blessed!Audio | VideoPastor McClendon
19 March 2017What God Says About the PastorAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
12 March 2017The Walls Came Tumbling DownAudio | VideoMinister Lontavius Lester
05 March 2017Pick Your Fights WiselyAudio | VideoPastor McClendon

26 February 2017Living in the Faith RealmAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
19 February 2017I Am What I Am Because of God's GraceAudio | VideoPastor Reggie Brown
12 February 2017RELAX! God is in ControlAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
05 February 2017Learn to Enjoy the Good MomentsAudio | VideoPastor McClendon

22 January 2017Do You!Audio | VideoPastor McClendon
15 January 2017God Doesn't Give You What You DeserveAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
08 January 2017You Have Something to Look Forward ToVideoPastor McClendon
01 January 2017God is Leading You Beside the Still WatersAudio | VideoPastor McClendon

18 December 2016The Right Place, The Right TimeAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
11 December 2016Don't Quit in the PitAudio | VideoPastor McClendon
04 December 2016Be Careful What You Are HearingAudio | VideoPastor McClendon